OUTDOOR DREAMS - "Keeping The Outdoor Fun Alive"

Outdoor Dreams  is now engaging in youth hunts and other outdoor activities for youth throughout the year.  We are dedicated to teaching youth to preserve our outdoor resources. We will be open to youth between the ages of 12  thru 17 who would like to experience the adventures of the outdoors. 
Our events are both educational and fun. We hope to create memories for youths that will last for  a lifetime. Come and experience some of the many adventures that the outdoors has to offer.

Our Mission
To offer a place for children and handicap individuals to enjoy and experience outdoor adventures ranging from hunting, atv trails and camping. We will provide a lunch and the children will be supervised by an adult club member, one adult per child. To qualify you must be in the 4th grade.

For  handicap individuals, we offer white tail deer hunts. Each hunter will be assisted by a member and placed in a group.  We will provide a wheel chair ramp. wounded veterans or any person with a handicap can apply.
When & Where                           
We will advertise each event on OutdoorDreams and via newspaper. We will select participants on a first apply basis until the spots are filled.  Any applicant who was not accepted will be first in line for an open spot.
Date for Youth Camp 2020  (EVENT CANCELLED)

Please feel free to contact me via email at: pete@outdoordreams.co with any questions you may have about the club.


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